Go to Settings > Website Settings

Scroll down until you find Website Order Notification Settings. This will show you what email and phone # you are using for new web order notifications and Contact Us form inquires.

It's important to determine what sending email address you are using. It's likely that the emails are being sent to you, but are being flagged/rejected by your email. AOL/Yahoo are known services that flag/reject. This can generally be avoided by implementing a Gmail fwd-ing address in the Email for Notification field. 



Create a new Gmail account

You will need to insert a Gmail address into the Sending Email field. Create a new Gmail account by going to Gmail.com and registering.

 Important note: If you have an existing Gmail address, you are more than welcome to use that instead of creating a new one. However, you must set up forwarding on the account using the next steps.


Set up email forwarding within Gmail

Please visit Google's article on how to set up email forwarding by clicking here or following instructions below
NOTE: Insert your shop's email (the one you are primarily using) as the email to forward to.

hd sending email 2.png


Insert your new Gmail address under Settings > Website Settings

Again, scroll down until you see Website Order Notification Settings. Replace the existing email with your Gmail.

You can test by submitting a Contact Us form inquiry from your website. The inquiry should send to your Gmail account, then immediately forward to your primary business email (whatever you chose as your forwarding address in the steps above)