Is your Floranext Website ready for Mother's Day?

Be ready with 4 simple steps.


1. Enable Mother's Day Products and Update Prices

Whether you're adding new specials or using existing website products, try to keep it simple with a variety of products in low, medium and high price points, but no more than 8-12 options to avoid overwhelming them with choices (and crowding your store with inventory!)


2. Put Mother's Day Products on Front Page

A Majority of online customer order what's on the front page. Be sure you have 4-8 Mother's Day products displayed.


3. Choose a Mother's Day Banner

Make it easy for customers to find your Mother's Day Products by adding a Mother's Day banner to your home page. We have several new designs to choose from, or upload your own.

4. Delivery Dates and Same-Day Delivery

State on your website which days you will accept orders for delivery and what your same-day delivery cut-off time is. Be sure your website settings reflect this.


5. Pause Your Site during a Holiday Rush

This is a great tool just in case you want to temporarily suspend your website from receiving customer orders during a busy time .