1) Products Tab

  • Add Products - In this page you can quickly add a website/POS product.
  • Website Products/Categories - Edit or view your website products/categories
  • POS Products
    • Promotion - Create discounts for specific items or categories
    • Coupons - Create a coupon code for your customers
  • Promotions - Create a discount or coupon
  • Product Page - View all items (regardless if POS or Web) and ability to edit
  • Website Front Page Products - Organize the products on the front page of your website
  • Website Add-On Products - Add or edit add-on items (ex. box of chocolates, teddy bear, etc)


2. Website Tab

  • Content
    • Blog - Create or edit your shops blog
    • Pages - Create or edit your pages
    • Footer - Add or edit footer text
  • Design
    • Front Page Products - Organize the products on the front page of your website
    • Banner - Choose one of our pre-made banners to add to your site or upload your own
    • Background - Choose the background for your website
    • Top Bar - Add or edit existing top bar text
    • Columns - Enable, disable, or edit the columns
    • Theme - Choose from one of our pre-made themes for the "look" of your website
    • Logo - Upload your shops logo
    • Nav Bar Manager - Enable or disable the links on your nav bar


3. Settings Tab

  • Store Info - Edit your shops basic information (ex. name, phone #, address, etc)
  • Delivery Charge - Add or edit your delivery zip code charges. If POS, you can also add/edit your delivery by distance settings
  • Wire Service Settings - If you are a member of FSN, you can enter in your username/password for integration. You can also set the wire out fee for your website and add non-FSN wire services if needed.
  • Website Settings - Edit all of your website settings. This includes: confirmation message, about us page, delivery policy, store hours, social media, same day delivery, website order notifications, all SEO settings, and more
    • Delivery Calendar - Check mark the days that shop is closed to ensure no orders for that day. Also, you can select multiple calander dates to "shut off" your website if it's a busy holiday or if you are closing shop for an extended period of time
    • By Price - Edit By Price requirements or toggle on/off
  • POS Settings - Edit all of your POS Settings. This includes: ticket options, house account options, Take Order screen options, employee names, product categories, card message shortcuts, address shortcuts, product shortcuts and more
    • Points - Enable loyalty points or edit the settings
    • Print Settings - Settings if you have cloud print enabled
    • Delivery Confirmation - Add or edit the delivery confirmation a customer receives when you mark an order to Taken/Delivered