To add a discount on a specific item, we will need to create a category called "Sales Items" and put any items we wish to discount into it.

Here's how to do that...

Step 1: Creating New Category

Go to Products > Website Products/Categories.

Click on "Add Category".

Name the category "Sales Items".

Set the "Is Active" to "Yes".


Click on "Save Category" at the top right hand side.


Step 2: Adding Products to "Sales Items" category

Now that we've created our category, we need to add the items that we want to discount!

Go to Products> Website Products/Categories.

On the left hand side, scroll down until you find the "Sales Items" category. Click on the words "Sales Items" and it will open this category.

Now let's go back to the top and click on "New Product".

Enter all the information for the product that you would like to add.

Make sure at the bottom, that you click the checkbox next to "Sales Items" so that it goes into the correct category.


Step 3: Creating Discount

Now that we've set our product to be discounted in the appropriate category, let's now apply the discount!

Go to Website > Promotions > Discounts.

Click "Add New Rule" on the top right.

Enter the appropriate information into the fields that show up.



Now click on "CONDITIONS"  on the right hand side.

Click the green "+" button underneath "If ALL  of these conditions are TRUE :"

In the dropdown menu that appears, click "Category".



Now click on the "..." that appears after "Category contains" (next to the red "X")




Click on the notepad-like icon.




Select the "Sales Items" category (or whichever category you would like to apply the discount to) then select the green checkmark at the top to apply this selection.



Now that we've selected which category to apply the discount to, we need to tell it what kind of discount it will be.

So on the left hand side we click on "ACTIONS".

Now we set the discount. You can set it by a certain percentage or by a fixed amount. For this tutorial I decided to do a $10 discount on the products in the "Sale Items" category. It looks like this:



That's all there is to it! Click on "Save Rule" at the top and your new discount is applied!