Sometimes you may want to offer your customers the ability to customize a bouquet from the website. Here is how you can add options to your products!

First, start by going to Products > Website Products/Categories and navigating to the product that you would like to add the options to.

Click on the "Edit" button to the right of the product.


On the left hand side of the product description, click the button that says "Custom Options".

(PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see this as an option, it may need to be turned on by one of our Floranext Team. Please send us a request via email to )


Click the green button that says "Add New Option".


First thing you will do is put in the title of the option into the "Title" field. For this tutorial we are going to be giving our customer the option of three different balloon colors - so I'm going to set the Title as "Color Options". (You may want to add "size", "flavor", "flower preference", etc.)


Now we need to select the "Input Type" from the drop-down menu.

For this, you can give your customer various options - but the three you are most likely to use are "Area", "Radio Buttons" or "Checklist".

Area -  This gives your customer a blank text field that they can type anything they want into. If you want to give your customer unlimited options, this is the best one to choose. 

If you have a limited supply (say we only have blue, yellow & green balloons), you would choose Radio Buttons or Checkbox. That way we can specify exactly what kind of supplies we have to offer.

Checkbox - This allows users to select multiple colors to be included. For example, I will give them the option of blue, yellow & green balloons. The customer can select one, two or all three of these colors for their arrangement!

Radio Buttons - This gives the customer only one option. For example, they can choose either an all blue, all green or all yellow arrangement. No mixing & matching.

For this tutorial, I am going to select "Radio Buttons" so I can tell customers exactly what kind of balloons I offer.

Now I click on the green button that says "Add New Row" & I enter the various options that I have to offer. Like this example:


In this example I am not adding a "Price" because once I add these options to my product, the price will automatically be factored in based off of what I set the product's original price at.

(For example, if the price of the bouquet is $39.99, then when these options are added the price of the bouquet will still be $39.99)

If you would like to add a product ID for each of these entries, you may do so as well.

Once you've completed all of your options, click on the green "Save Product" button at the top.


That's it! Now when you navigate to this product on your website, you will see the options that your customers will be offered when purchasing their products.