Setting Up Loyalty Points

First we will start by going to Settings > POS Settings > Loyalty Points

Start by setting "Loyalty Points" to "Yes".

Next, set the amount of money you want your customer to spend to start earning points.

Then set the amount of points earned for every 100 dollars your customer spends.


That is all you have to do! Loyalty points will automatically be tracked.

*Customers will not start accumulating Loyalty Points until they enabled in the POS

*The Take Order screen will show how much money the customer has spent and how much more they need to spend to start redeeming their points


And here is how...


How to Use Loyalty Points

If you have Loyalty Points enabled and you have a customer that has placed several orders with you, they will have acquired "Loyalty Points".

Here is how they can go about redeeming their points...

Go to the Take Order tab and prepare your order as you normally do. (Make sure you select your customer from the "Search Customer" field so that it pulls up their profile with their loyalty points.)

Enter the order information and scroll down to the "Total Order" box.



Here you will see the customer's acquired Loyalty Points. 

If the customer would like to use their points for this order, just select "Yes" in the dropdown box and then "Take Payment" on the order as normal.