Floranext supports selling gift cards to customers and enables your shop to redeem gift cards using the Point of Sale, including report tracking of redeemed cards.  

Turning on Gift Card Option

We are going to start out by going to Settings> POS Settings > POS Settings.

Scroll down to the "Other Options" box and make sure that the Gift Cards section is set to "Yes".


Selling a Gift Card

To sell a gift card, start by going to the Take Order tab.

We will enter all the usual information (i.e.: Employee name, Order Type) as we normally do.

In the "Product Description" box, type in "Gift Card" and whatever amount it is for. (ex: Gift Card - $25)

In the price box, set the price that the Gift Card is for.


Complete the order as you normally would by clicking "Take Payment". 

Now we need to put the new gift card into the system.

First, we need to go to the Reports tab and click on Gift Cards.

Click on the orange button on the right that says "Add New Gift Cards".  

Now we enter the required information.

The code that it asks for can be anything. If you order Gift Cards, most of them come with a code on the back that you can use. Otherwise you can make up your own - just make sure you write it on the customer's card.


Enter the sales value and name of the customer the card is being given to.


Set the status to "Enabled".



Using a Gift Card

If a customer comes in with a gift card to use, you will place an order as you normally would.

Under "Total Order"

Under "Total Order", click on the red text that says "Gift Card".


This will pop up a text box where you can type in the Gift Card's code.

Hit "Submit" and the card total will be entered and deducted from your Grand Total.


That is all! Take the payment as you normally would.

if the total of the order is less than the total of the gift card, it will deduct that amount from the card but you will still need to do a cash payment of zero dollars to finalize the order.


Making Gift Card Tax-Exempt

Products > Add Product

Product Type: POS (unless you want to make Gift Cards available to buy online)

Product Name: Gift Card

Price: Keep at 0.00 (you can type in whatever amount on take order screen)

Reporting Category: Gifts

In Advanced Options: 

Taxable: No.



On Take Order Screen:

Search Product: 
Type 'Gift Card' 



Price: Add whatever amount customer wants



Add Product and it shows up with no tax.