If you have integrated credit card processing, when you complete an order on the POS using a credit card the card is authorized before the order is completed.

If the authorization fails for any reason, a pop-up message will appear noting why it failed and the order will not be completed.  A new method of payment can be entered to complete the order.

Common Credit Card Declines Messages

Declined: Insufficient Funds

The cardholder's bank can not confirm that the account has enough funds to cover the order total.

Resolution: Use different payment method or cardholder can call bank for more information.


Declined: Do-Not-honor-card

The cardholder's bank has flagged this transaction and will not approve it unless the cardholders calls bank to specifically approve the transaction.

Resolution:  Use different payment method or cardholder can call bank to approve the transaction.


Activity limit exceeded (65)

This means the customer has exceeded their spending limit or has insufficient funds in their account.

Resolution: Contact customer for alternate form of payment.