How to Run a Debit Card if You Have Integrated Processing (With USAePay gateway)

Debit Cards with accepted logos (Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, Discover, etc)

If you have a gateway with your Floranext POS (integrated credit card processing) then you will be able to process credit cards and debit cards that have a logo you accept (Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, Discover, etc). The types you accept are setup with your credit card processor.

Debit cards do not require entry of PIN by customer because they are run as 'Debit with signature'.

  1. Enter the order in Floranext > select Take Payment
  2. Choose "Credit Card" to key in the number or "Credit Card Swiped" to swipe the card using a swiper
  3. Complete order




How to Run A Debit Card without Integrated Processing

or if Card Doesn't Have An Accepted logo

If your customer has a debit card without an accepted logo, then you have the option of processing it as a 'Debit with PIN' transaction that will require your customer to enter in a PIN.

These types of transaction will need to be run independently of Floranext using a standalone terminal provided by your credit card processor that includes a PIN pad for entry.

  1. Enter the order in Floranext, select Take Payment
  2. Choose 'Debit'
  3. Process the debit transaction on your standalone terminal
  4. Complete the order in Floranext once payment is complete

No Debit card info would be entered in your Floranext POS.kirill_debit_1.png


How to Enable 'Debit' Payment Method

Note, if you do not see 'Debit' as an option, navigate to Settings > POS Settings >Payment Methods to enable