Square reader is a small white device that plugs into the headset jack of your handheld devices. It is compatible with both Android and Apple products. Square is also a type of credit card merchant - this means that payments made with the Square reader will by processed by Square, not your regular cc processor.

In order to enable the "Square" payment method, you must first notify a Floranext support member. You can do this by submitting a help desk ticket here, e-mailing support@floranext.com, or calling 415-906-2850 x 2.


1) Take order as your normally would


2) In the "Take Payment" pop up, select Square NOTE it is currently not available to print tickets or receipts via tablet. You can choose to send your customer a receipt by e-mail through Floranext OR send a receipt to their e-mail/mobile through Square app


Please remember that Square payment method in Floranext is to simply record that the order. 

The payment method in your POS will show as "CC Terminal/Square". You still have to go into your Square app and take the actual payment