We are going to start the POS setup by adjusting the default tax rate.

Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Tax Rate



Step 2. Select the "Edit" button on the default row.

Step 3. Enter the sales tax rate.  (For example, if the tax rate is 10%, enter in 10)

Status should be set to Enabled.

Click the "Save" button in the top right and your tax rate is set.


 For most shops, a single sales tax rate is all that is required and you are ready to move on!

Click here to see Step #2 - Delivery Charges


If multiple tax rates are needed for your area or you would like the POS to default to a different tax rate than the Proposal Manager, see below.


Setting Other Tax Rates:

If you would like to set a 0% tax rate for your Proposals section, here is how you would do it.

Start by clicking the "Add New" button in the right hand corner.


Enter the tax percentage into the Tax Rate field.

Enter the name of your Tax Rate into the Tax Name field.

Important: Make sure that the tax rate is set to "Enabled" or it will not work.

Click the "Save" button in the top right corner and your new tax rate has been saved!


Now, to ensure that this new tax rate applies to your Proposals, you will want to make sure the radio button under "Proposals" is set to the new proposals tax rate you just made.


Click here to see Step #2 - Delivery Charges