Start your order by selecting the Employee name taking the order from the drop down. 

Then select the kind of order it is: Walk-In or Phone


Next, let's take a look at the tabs that go across the top and look at what each one of them means.



Taken - You will use this tab when someone walks into your store and purchases something and walks out with it right then.

Delivery - If someone calls or enters your store and places an order to be delivered, you would use this tab.

Pick-up - Use this tab if your customer will be coming to your store to pick up the order at a later time.

Wire-Out - Use this tab if your customer would like to wire out an order to another location.

Green Buttons:

DraftsIf you get halfway through an order and then need to navigate away from it, you can find a saved copy of it here.

Open Drawer - If you have a cash register attached to your computer, press this button to open the drawer.


Taking An Order

Now, let's look at the way we take an order.

For this example, we will say that you've gotten a phone call for an order to be delivered.

So, first, we select the Employee name and the type of order.


Next we select the "Delivery" tab.

If this is a customer that has already made a purchase with your florist shop, you can search for their name in the "Search Customer" field. If their name appears in the list, you can click on it and their information will automatically fill in.



Customer Info

 As this is a new customer in our example, I will now enter the customer's contact information.

Take Note: If this is a House Account or if this customer is Tax Exempt, make sure you check the checkbox in the "Customer Info" section as you enter their information.


 If you don't know what the customer's zip code is, you can always click on "Lookup" after entering the customer's address. The system will automatically look up the zip code linked with that address.


Recipient Info

Now we enter the address of the customer receiving the delivery order.


Please Note: If this is an address that you use often (like a funeral home or hospital or church) you can add the address to the "Saved Addresses" drop down. To do this, you will need to reference our POS Tutorial. That way when you click on this dropdown menu, it will allow you to quickly and automatically add the address.


Card Message

Now we will enter the card message information. 


Under the card message text box, you can click "Shortcuts". There you will see a list of most commonly used card messages for a quick, automatic fill-in.

Delivery/Pickup Date: Select the date that the delivery is to take place.

Special Delivery Instructions: Here you will enter any special instructions for the delivery person. (ie: Go around to the back door and knock)

Event: Select the kind of event this arrangement is for from the drop down. 

Send Reminder Next Year: If this is an event that takes place manually, you will be given the option of having Floranext send an email reminder to your customer to order again next year.


Product Info

If your customer has a particular request (ie: a vase of daisies and carnations), then you would enter this into the Product Description box and apply a price.

If your customer is interested in a specific arrangement off your website or catalogue, you can type in the name to the Search Products field. The bouquets will automatically appear by the name you searched for. Click on the name of the arrangement that they would like to order and the price will fill in automatically. Click the Green "Add+" button that appears.



Total Order

Now we can see an overview of our order.

If you would like to email the customer their receipt, click the checkbox next to the customer's email address.

If you would like to change the Delivery Charge, you can do so by entering the new charge into the empty Delivery Charge Field.

Once you have confirmed that everything looks the way it should, click "Take Payment" at the bottom.



Take Payment

A new pop-up will appear. Select the method of payment for your customer, then fill out any of the applicable information.


Once you've completed this, you can either click "Complete Order", "Complete +Receipt" (to automatically print the receipt) or "Complete + Ticket" (to automatically print the ticket).