Most video, slideshow and gallery creators will provide an 'embed code' to allow you to embed the content into your Floranext website.

Step 1. Copy the embed code from the provider you're using (ie. Youtube,, etc.)

An example of an embed code is:,-73.1974" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map

Step 2. Paste the code

Choose where you want to display the content on your Floranext website and navigate to the text editor. Popular choices are:

  • On the Footer (Website > Content > Footer)
  • Or on a page (Website > Content > Pages >select the page)

Click on 'Show/Hide Editor' and paste(CTRL+V)  the code into the editor and Save!




Step 3.  Check your website to make sure it's displaying the content as you like.