Clearing your browser cache will cause any cached versions of your Floranext POS & Website to be removed from your computer so the most recent version will be seen. It is easy to complete in 2 steps and can resolve minor, common issues like:

  • Saving a page doesn't seem to save changes.
  • Settings just changed still showing old settings. (ie. Background just changed but still showing old background)
  • The website or POS look different on different computers.


How to Clear Browser Cache on Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and navigate to the 'Clear Browsing Data' screen by using keyboard shortcut or menu options below.

Step 1 - Open your Chrome browser menu. Click the button More Tools 

Step 2 - Select 'Beginning of Time > only check 'Cached images and files' > Clear Browsing Data

Once the Cache clear is complete, it will take you to the Settings page.  Close this tab and go back to Floranext and refresh the page. 


How to Clear Browser Cache on Safari Browser

You can enable the Develop menu to clear the cache.

From your Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences 



The Select the Advanced tab. Select:  "Show Develop menu in menu bar"



Now from the menu bar click Develop >  Empty Caches