Setting Up Barcode Scanning and Products

Step 1. Enable

Navigate to Settings > POS Settings > Barcode Scanning > Yes


Step 2. Setup Products

The barcode scanner will read the barcode and translate it into a string of numbers and letters. that string of letters and numbers should be what is used as the Product ID for the product to allow barcode scanning to work.

Navigate to Products > Add Product, click in the 'Product ID field and then scan the product's barcode to transfer the code into the Product ID field. Fill in all the other product details and click Save. 


How to Add Products to Orders with Barcode Scanner

Create a new order as normal, in the Product section, click in the Product Search field and then scan the product's barcode.

This will transfer the code to the search field and should find the product with that Product ID. Click the item to select and then Add Product to add to order!


Recommended Barcode Scanners:


Printing Barcodes

No special printer needed with Avery!  Avery has all sorts of special pricing paper that is letter-sized to fit in your standard printer with peelable stickers to print. Simply use Avery's online barcode creator to print on the Avery paper paper : 


Avery's Removable Durable Rectangular Labels are a popular paper choice, but several other styles can be found on Avery's website


Avery Design and Print Online suite will allow you to create a design with a barcode that fits the paper you choose