What are Tickets?

Tickets are a legal-sized stationary provided by Multi Packaging Solutions (formerly John Henry).  They are perforated into 3 main sections for convenience:

-Section 1 includes all the Order Details in summary to be kept in the store

-Section 2 is the Card portion which includes the Card Message to fold to the inside and the Recipient Address is folded to the outside. This can be picked or tied to the gift item or can be placed in an optional Envelope also provided by the John Henry Company .

-Section 3 is the Delivery Slip for the driver.  It includes a place for signature and all delivery instructions.


Floranext Supports 2 Types of Tickets (Vertical Card and Horizontal Card)

Multi Packaging Solutions (formerly John Henry) has several graphics to choose from and will also work with you to custom print your logo. Bear in mind the logo and store info are optional, so if you choose to have your tickets pre-printed in this location then these can be omitted. The locations cannot be adjusted so it's important to be sure any custom printed tickets are ordered with care, as we cannot guarantee all custom designs will work as good as others.

Floranext also allows you to print your logo and address on tickets using your own printer.

However, this printing quality will not match Multi Packaging Solutions' (formerly John Henry) printing capability.

Ticket - Horizontal Card



Ticket - Vertical Card




How to Order Tickets

To purchase tickets, please contact Multi Packaging Solutions (formerly John Henry) at jhc.com or by calling 866-448-8300 

JHC Dove Tickets - HORIZONTAL - Below are the product codes for designs we know work with the preset locations of information on our tickets.

FB 2215
FB 2375
FB 2354
FB 2230
FB 2263
FB 2250
FB 2259
FB 2208
FB 2372
FB 2252
FB 2229
FB 2375
FB 2257
JHC Eagle Tickets - VERTICAL - Below are the product codes for designs we know work with the preset locations of information on our tickets.

FB 1493
FB 1323
FB 1474
FB 1340
FB 1475
FB 1341

If you plan on getting custom printed tickets, please consult with Floranext before making your final order. We cannot guarantee that all designs and positions of custom print will work with our ticket formats.