Vanity Emails can be easier for customers to remember and look more professional.  Examples of these are or

Floranext does not provide these, but here's more info on how to setup vanity or personal emails.  Note:  If you have a Floranext website, be sure to provide us with the MX Records supplied by your email client to ensure your vanity email will continue to work.


What you need:

1.  A domain.


2.  An email client (It's common to use the registrar of your domain, typically registrars also provide an email client to use).  The email client will provide you with a way to check emails sent to your vanity email address.  Here are some popular email clients.






3.  DNS Records added to your DNS


The email client you choose will provide you with needed DNS Records to add to your DNS.  The DNS records are managed by your website hosting company (if you have a Floranext website, this will be Floranext.).  Forward the DNS Records to your website hosting company and they will complete the setup.


Floranext will have to set these values for you so that you can receive email for email addresses you have set up in the format


Here are some DNS Records for common email clients that would need to be added to your DNS by Floranext to receive vanity emails once your Floranext website is live. 

MX record:
Priority 10

CNAME record:

NOTE - if this is for the value would be