On your florist POS click on Reports > House Accounts.  This will show you all house accounts with outstanding balances.


Apply a Payment:

Select the house account you want to apply a payment on to navigate to the house account detail page then select 'Apply Payment' from the top right.  Select the payment method, enter in the amount and click Apply.  Note the payment will automatically apply to the latest invoice first but you can change which invoice the payment will apply to before clicking Apply. 


*Custom payment options are allowed for selection when applying a House Account Payment.*


Remove a Payment:

If a payment was applied in error, navigate to the house account page and find the payment in the Payments section.  Click the green 'Remove Payment' button to the right of the payment you wish to refund.  

*If you have integrated credit card processing with Floranext, this will create a credit card refund of the payment was made by credit card.*