Adding a discount is easy to do, just follow the steps below.

Login to your Admin > Hoover over Products > Hoover over Promotions > Click Discounts 


Now, click Add New Rule


You will need to fill out three separate tabs on the left: Rule Information, Conditions and Actions. 

1. Rule/General Information

- Rule Name can be anything

- Description can be anything or left blank

- Status should be set to active if you want the discount applied to products.

- Customer Group- all groups should be selected. (make sure you click on each one with your left mouse click)

- Leave date blank unless you want the promotion to be temporary

Heres an example of how the screen may look: 


2. Conditions

- Select the green + symbol to create a rule. Here you can set the category you want to add a discount on. 


- Select "Category" from the dropdown menu


- Click the word "Contains" and change to "is one of"


- Click the "..." and a text box will appear.


- Now, click the "chooser" icon to the right of the text box.


- Next, select the categories you wish to include in this discount using the check box to the left of the category titles. Then, click the green check icon.


3. Actions

- Choose the type of discount you want to apply. Type the amount in the box.


4. Save your work and apply it to the categories selected.

- Click the 2015-05-08_16_28_56-10_Percent_off___Discounts___Promotions___Bill_O_Shea_s_Florists_-_Hasbrouck_Hei.png button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.