Navigating and setting up your new Floranext website and POS is easy. Most of the setup is already done for you when you onboard with us. Take a look at how you can make other changes to your Floranext POS and Website. 



You can access your Admin Dashboard from the front page of your florist website - just navigate to the bottom of the page - there will be a link to Admin Login there. 

Once you are logged into your Admin, the button Settings will contain most of what you need to get your site ready for going live. 


Store Info, Settings > Store Info

Contains all the information about your site including site name, phone number, store email address, and more.



Delivery Charge, Settings > Delivery Charge

Contains your delivery charges and out of area delivery



Tax Rate, Settings > Tax Rate

Change your taxes here.



Products, Products > Products Catalog

Edit and add products.




To view all orders or search for a specific one




You can always access help tutorials and contact us using the Help Icon next to the Account Icon in the Floranext Admin