There are three different kind of links you can have on your nav bar: 

1. Links to product categories (e.g. Birthday Flowers, Roses, Gifts)

2. Links to Content Pages (e.g. Wedding information, Delivery Policy)

3. Links to other web pages and sites (both on and off of Floranext)


For a product category link, if you want to add a link to a new category, got to Products > Website Products/Categories. In the column along the left side of the screen, check the box next to the category you want your page to link to on your nav bar.

For content pages, if you want add a page you are going to create, go to Website > Edit Pages > Add a Page (in the top right).  On this page add page info including content. Follow the instructions below to create an internal link to this new page on your nav bar.

For web links, go to Store Settings>Navigation Bar Manager. Click the Add Navigation button. Link Title will be what appears on your website. Link Destination is the url you are linking. If the link destination is part of your Floranext website, your link type should be internal. If the link goes anywhere else, chose external.