Checking orders with Floranext florist website is easy!

First, we will notify you of a new website order by email. You also have the option to be notified by phone or text message. In addition, if you leave your website admin open, it will ring to alert you that you have a new order.

To Setup Your Notifications

Go to "Settings" > Website Settings in your Floranext Admin.

Scroll down to "Website Order Notifications Settings". Here you will be able to enter the email address you would like for your notifications to be sent to. You can also enter a phone number to receive an automated call from Floranext when you have a new order - or a SMS number (mobile phone number) so you can receive text message alerts.

How to View Your Orders

Once you receive a notification of an incoming order, all you have to do is go to the "Orders" tab. 

Here you will find all of the orders that have come into your system.

Please note: Every now and then you may get a delayed call or text message. If you look at your "Orders" tab and a new order is not showing up, don't panic! The "Orders" tab is always correct and the most up to date.