Uploading a logo to your Floranext florist website is easy and takes just a few minutes. If you have trouble you can always contact us by clicking on "Submit a Request" above. If you are creating a logo, it should be a maximum of 685pixels wide by 115pixels high.


How to Upload Your Logo:


1- Go to your Admin Dashboard

2- Navigate to Website > Design > Logo

3- Choose a file from your computer. (JPGs, PNGs, or GIFs only please)

4- Click the "Save" button :)


2- Click here to fill out the new work ticket

4- Above the "Submit" button, click "Attach file" 

5- Choose the file from your computer & click the "Submit" button

6- We'll upload it for you!


For more information on how to make your logo look its best, please review this website about the different file formats that you can use: