My current website is with a wire service. What do I need to do to switch my site to Floranext?

Switching to a Floranext florist website is easy! There is no "down time" or loss of service to your existing website.


If you don't own your own website domain name - we can help you!

1- Click here and fill out the help ticket, including which wire service hosts your site, as well as your member ID number.

2- We will contact them on your behalf, and have the site switched back to your ownership (takes about 1 week). 

3- After this, you will receive an email with instructions from your wire service, just forward this email to us this email address: "support@floranext.com" and we'll take care of the rest :)


If own your own domain name - switching is really, really easy

1- Click here and fill out the help ticket, for your registrar (eg. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.)

2- We'll take care of the rest :)


What's a domain name again?

A "Domain Name" is just your website, such as "jennysflowers.com" or "coolestflowershopever.com" :)