Editing & Uploading Products

Editing and adding products on your Floranext florist website is easy. Just navigate to Products > Products > Website Products in your Floranext Admin to update your website products. 


On this page, you can change the price of products and enable/disable what you would like to see on your site!

Setting up your website products

This will be one of the most important tasks in your website setup - so pay careful attention!


Product Categories

To start, take a look at the left hand side. Here you will see the Categories that are listed on your site. If the category has a checkbox beside it, that means it is turned on. If you see one without a checkbox, that means it is turned off. You may turn on or off any categories that you wish on your site at any time!

To view what is inside of a product category, click on the name of the category. (In the example to the left, I have clicked on the "Sunflowers" category so I can see what is inside of it.)

Edit Prices & Enable/Disable Products

Now that we've selected the category we want to work with, we're going to edit the prices and enable/disable our products. Start by changing the price in the Price field to whatever price point  you would like reflected for that product. 

If this is a product that you do not want shown on your site, you may click on the drop-down Status and change it to "Disable". 

Once you have created your edits, go back to the top of the column and click "Save All".

Do not click the green "Save" button next to each product as it will take a little while for the page to reload each time.



Wire Service Catalogs:

If you're a member of a wire service, we can help you load those wire service products directly to your site. Just create a ticket by clicking here and let us know what wire service you subscribe too.


Uploading Your Own Products:

Go to  "Products" > "Add Product" 


Then fill out the New Product form and click "Save Product".


Note: If you are adding your own products but having trouble with uploading your floral images, you may need to reduce the image size the maximum image size is 200kb.