There are two critical steps you need to complete before we can make your Floranext florist website live!

As soon as your site was created, taxes, delivery charges, search engine tags, emails for order notification, and your website design were automatically set. 

YAY! So what's left to do?:

 On your preview site be sure to double check your:

1. Logo - Upload your logo via your Admin Dashboard (go to Settings > Manage Logo) or create a ticket on our support page, attach the logo, and we will upload it for you!  If you already requested that we create a logo for you during the site creation steps, we will get back you typically in 24 hours.   

2. Banners - They should link to active product categories. If the link is broken, go to Website Products/Categories and enable the corresponding category.

3. Home link - should link to active page. You can set a custom home link by going to Settings>Store Info>URL for Home

4. Front page products - make sure there are enough front page products enabled so that there are no blank spaces

5. Store name and contact info is easily readable on Home page.

On your Admin Dashboard under Settings:

1. Store Info - Make sure that the Basic Info, Delivery Policy, Contact Us, and SEO fields are filled in. Also be sure to double check the Website Order Notification Settings to ensure you won't miss any web orders.

2. Manage Tax Rate - check tax rate is set

3. Delivery Calender - make sure you're not accepting orders on days that your shop is closed

4. Delivery Charge

5. Social Media - Make sure you include your Facebook, Pinterest, Blog, and Twitter profiles here!

6. Footer Text -  A great place to add extra keywords to be picked up by the big search engines

7. Wire Service Settings - Enable or disable based on your needs