All website packages have the option to choose a banner to promote certain categories on your home page.  The Advanced website package will allow you to choose up to 3 banners to rotate.

Adding A Banner

To select a banner, go to Website > Design > Banner



Select "Choose Category" to select an existing banner, or click "Upload Banner From Your Computer" to upload your own file

When selecting banner based on category, this will link to the category product page on your Floranext website. Categories need to be active so banner can link to those categories. 

To make sure a category is active, please click here. 


Banners should be approximately 1440 x 432 pixels, and in .JPG or .PNG format.  

If you are on our Advanced Website package, you can select up to 3 banners to rotate on the home page.

Simply check the box of the banner you want, and choose the number (1, 2, or 3) that you want it to show up as on the front page. 


Removing A Banner

If you'd like to remove banners, just go to Website > Edit Banners > click Remove under the banners you wish to remove.